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Evolution Of Youth Groups In Russia Презентация

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Evolution of Youth Groups in Russia

Sokolova Tatyana 10 class

Bikers roots go far in about 60-70s years it was then beginning to be formed in this direction. Components of this class, as a rule, men of 30 years old who can not imagine life without these things: bike, beer and rock music. All these three elements are inextricably linked. In Russia, the subculture of bikers has not yet been properly developed, such as in Europe or the U.S., but in every major city in our country has some biker clubs. First — it is a club of interest, if the fashion for bikers and was, it was over. First of all these people as the soul, are not of their existence without iron friend on two wheels under his feet.

Goths, like any art for young people born out of music. In appearance, they differ in the prevalence of black clothes and cosmetics, as well as the symbols related to death — the teeth, crosses, inverted crosses, pentagrams, and so on. During the existence of this subculture Goth has not developed its own ideology to be followed. The only thing that remains constant and permanent representatives of this movement — long face and the prevalence of decadence in the mood.

Punks, as a separate subculture began to form in 1930, while still existed such a thing as rock music, but it was already started to become a way of life and appearance of followers of this trend. Birthplace of punk — this is England. The first punks were people from poor areas of the city of Wales. Their entertainment was robbery, bully, fight, brawl. At the time, in these circles was in vogue. The so-called «Jazz Black». As far as their ideology, almost all the ideas and outlook to the ordinary anarchy, ie existence of a people without laws and state control. Leather jackets to the skin or torn shirts, massive facial piercings and neglect bath and shower-the characteristic features of the subculture.

Ravers are endless night parties, which are the most popular DJs. The source of youth priorities is dance music, but a way of life starts at the idols — the musicians. In fact, their carefree life solid-together, with a lot of pleasure and fun.

Rockers subculture emerged in 1960 in England. Originally it was applied to the youth, who went on a motorcycle. The origins of the rocker, began to form as early as 1950, when the style of rock and roll began to gain momentum, thanks to the legendary performer Elvis Presley. Image subculture rockers are practical, in principle, it survives today. They wear leather jackets decorated with various patches, iron buttons

Skinhead subculture, is one of the newest trends. The name they received thanks to its appearance — the bald head. It has been actively emerge in Germany in 1960. Then the first followers were working out of the lower section of the population. It is from England, Skinheads were widely circulated throughout the world, to the year 2000, completely take over the world. Of music preference, later to him rooted nationalistic tone, which gave rise to a new movement of hardcore bands.

Hacker subculture is one of the newest areas of our millennium. Typically, these are people who masterfully owned computers. In appearance it is difficult to determine in the street. Most of them prefer to sit at home on the computer, rather than spend time in the company of their peers on the street or in entertainment establishments.

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Презентация 10 класса на тему: «Evolution of Youth Groups in Russia Выполнил ученик 10 класса школы 31 г.Белгорода Харламов Кирилл.». Скачать бесплатно и без регистрации. — Транскрипт:

1 Evolution of Youth Groups in Russia Выполнил ученик 10 класса школы 31 г.Белгорода Харламов Кирилл

2 Youth Groups in Soviet Russia There were only two officially registered organizations for young people in Soviet Russia: Pioneer organization and Comsomol. This organizations were considered to be a reserve of the Communism party of the USSR.

3 Pioneer organization This organization was founded in After Lenins death Pioneer organization took his name. Pioneer organization became widespread in the USSR. Almost every pupil was a pioneer.

4 Pioneers wore a special uniform. There were special rules of the pioneers behavior. The state built a lot of summer camps for pioneers. Pioneers got together very often and played different games, took part in competitions, etc.

5 A lot of socialistic countries formed their own Pioneer organizations. It is interesting that Pioneer organizations now exist in China, Belarus and some another countries.

6 Comsomol Comsomol was formed in Comsomol also became widespread. The members of Comsomol were at the age of between 14 and 28. Comsomol was the only political organization for young people in the USSR.

7 Comsomol was a very influential organization. There were a lot of Comsomols newspapers, even one All-union. To be a member of Comsomol was necessary to make a better career.

8 Subcultures in Russia nowadays Now teens join different groups and subcultures to express their individuality. Also teens want to be in a group, with their friends. Subcultures are very different, and its members are different in appearance, behavior and targets, too.

9 Skinheads Skinheads mark is swastika. They call themthelves fascists. Skinheads appeared in Russia in early 90 th. Mostly skinheads are the young people age younger 21. They wear black clothes. Skinheads are known to be violent and aggressive.

10 Football fans They are considered to be a special subculture, but football fans are very different. Some of them are friendly and do sports. But mostly they are aggressive, drink alcohol and like to fight.

11 Environmentalists The members of this group try to protect nature. But this group is little and unpopular. They mostly depend on official structures, because they need money for their actions.

12 Bikers All of them have bikes. Bikers wear black leather clothes. They can spend a lot of time in repairing and modernization their bikes. They also take rides together. The appearance of bikers is aggressive, but mostly they are not.

13 Ravers Ravers visit night dance clubs very often. They can spend all night in the club. It is not cheap, thats why the group of ravers is not so big.

14 Hip-hop culture Hip-hop culture is very popular now in Russia. Now this culture even is officially supported by the state! There are special places where teens can compete in hip-hop dancing, graffiti, rolling and streetball. The festivals of the hip-hop culture are very big and popular. The members of this group wear T-shirts, sport boots and trousers.

15 Diggers There are a lot of this groups in Russia. They are keen in exploring citys sewage. Community of diggers are mostly closed, they dont like to take new members. Diggers have the same qualities with environmentalists.

16 Gops Very famous group thanks to the fact that they are violent and aggressive. They exist in a very big number of Russian cities. They like drinking and smoking. The members of the group wear sport clothes.

17 Goths The members of the group wear special black clothes, often they piercing and tattoos. They dont conform to social standards. Also goths have special make-up. Goths favorite music is metal and rock.

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Презентация на тему: » Evolution of Youth Groups in Russia Рудько Евгений 10 «А» класс.» — Транскрипт:

1 Evolution of Youth Groups in Russia Рудько Евгений 10 «А» класс

2 Punks The punk (English punk) the youth culture which has arisen in the middle of 70th years in the Great Britain, the USA, Canada and Australia, which prominent features Are love to music the punk-fate, the critical attitude to a society and a policy. The father-founder of alternative fate, current which is closely connected with the punk-fate. They are thought to rebel against the society or the older generation. The music is aggressive.

3 Hippie Hippie youth philosophy and the subculture which has arisen in the USA in Blossoming of movement has fallen to the end the beginning of 1970th years. They dont conform to society standards and support a liberal attitude and lifestyle. They always want to change the world for the best. They accept other people as they are.

4 Ravers Ravers youth subculture of constant participants of raves parties the electronic dancing music, received mass popularity in 1988 in the Great Britain. For appearance bright colors in clothes, plastic are characteristic sunglasses, short hair at young men, color locks long hair at girls. In design the symbol was used «Smilie».

5 Bikers Bikers fans and admirers of motorcycles. Usual motorcyclists, at bikers the motorcycle is a part of a way of life. Characteristic association with adherents on the basis of it also is way of life. Bikers also named by admirers of bicycles, Motorcyclists. Movement of bikers has arisen in the USA.

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