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We just reported about Windows 10 Build 14393 coming as the Anniversary update RTM Build. It may be out soon for Insiders.

@NERDXON Here’s the full tag even ?

Core Insider Program (@CoreInsiderProg) July 17, 2016

Now, it seems Microsoft is already preparing a Zero-Day Patch (ZDP) for Anniversary update. This Zero-Day patch will come as cumulative update and will be ready by August 2 when Anniversary update will be out officially for everyone.

@CegoWPA Zero-Day Patch, it’s a cumulative update that will be ready by the time Anniversary Update hits public availability on August 2nd

— Core Insider Program (@CoreInsiderProg) July 17, 2016

You can read about all the major changes that Windows 10 Anniversary update brings by clicking here.

When you read that there’s a new security bulletin for IE, you probably tune me out like you do with flight attendants: «Keep your browser in its upright and patched position.»

There’s a twist this week, though, as Microsoft closes a hole that’s already being exploited but which hasn’t had a patch available for weeks.

If you have any such intranet Web applications, my recommendation is to first test the patch on a couple of sample workstations. But do try to get this patch out to all hands this week. Given that next week is the beginning of the traditional holiday vacations, for those of you who work in corporations, you might find this harder to roll out as staffers leave for long-scheduled trips.

If you go to Microosft’s update site and receive an access violation, this indicates that you won’t be able to download updates without the patch described in KB 910437.

This patch, along with the DOM/COM patch for IE described above, are two especially important fixes for home users. It’s difficult enough for us to keep our home systems patched. When the mechanism itself breaks, that makes it nearly impossible. For more information, see KB 910437.

Using ‘Outlook over HTTP’ and seeing issues?

Now available on the Microsoft download site is an important patch for an «Outlook over HTTP» issue. This would only affect you if your copy of Outlook has been set up to connect back to an Exchange server over the Internet.

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The End of Days

C&C: Generals Zero Hour mod | Released 2015

The End Of Days is a “c&c Generals Zero Hour” mod. It brings to the main game a new faction Russia with new units, special powers, abilities and upgrades. Also it changes all other factions to un believable level by remaking their core units and adding new. Turns the main game play by making it more realistic and fun. To real war feeling! Current version is 0.92 Beta. It is not a final version of the mod. Playable factions are USA, GLA, CHINA and RUSSIA

This patch has been archived by the uploader because it is out of date and no longer supported. We recommend you browse the file list for the latest patch.

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This is the latest TEOD 0.92 patch. Installation, just extract the files in your Zero Hour folder and replace old files and that’s all. You don’t need previous patch. This one contains and the changes from previous patch. I fixed the main and major problems, also I added some new futures and balances to the game. Iskander nuke upgrade is replaced with Kurier missile. Balances for all ballistic weapons Changes to Air units, and stealth detection Fixed bugs and problems.

How to install it? Same as before? oops sorry found the answer!

Nice. This is sooner than I expected. Also, are the cruise missiles for the iskander available? And where do you get these awesome pics from?

this pic is from AW

Good dear Alexei. It is assumed that the latter patch adds or replaces some military units; My problem is that I have not noticed changes to how the game was already. What’s more, I have a BUG in the AT15 armata, and it is that it does not transport units and it becomes a bit weird the drive of the vehicle. I would appreciate if you could give me some possible solution, since I follow you a long time and I always expect more than eager for your mods. You can not imagine the desire I have to try those naval units that you are preparing. Great work and effort. Thank you so much.

Man you got me first. I wanted to make an entire list of things that I think need to be changed. This was going to be one of them.

I saw this visual problem too, however this is just visual bug, for now armata will not be able to transport units because this ability is conflicting with other abilities and engine is making this mistake and bug. I hope to find a solution latter.
About the changes it has some changes, most of them are for example re balanced weapon reload times, HP, ranges, damages + one new unit — Kurier Nuke missile launcher + some bugs fixes and redone jet detection logic and stealth detection.
I hoipe only T-15 is the problem but if there is more will try to fix them, but it is hard with lack of help.

You can redownload the patch and reinstall it, I fixed T-15 transport problem. The file is updated and you can take it again. Sorry for this, but I forgot .

When I try to deploy my Radar unit , it explode. (When playing as Russia)
And the sound of guns are amazing

Very strange I don’t see this bug, I tested it with AI, alone, none such bug. Tell me how you found it?
Also you can redownload the patch and reinstall it, I fixed T-15 transport problem

When I try to relocate the Radar from one point to another, it explode. so I have to buy one to each change of place of my Heavy AA team ( 2-3 S-300)

Yes you are right, this is because of the new detection logic and I didn’t tested it well. Today will try to fix it.
I found the problem and fixed it, redownload the file. Sorry again.

I understand your lack of collaboration and that you are alone in a project so big and difficult. In the same way I am grateful to you for keeping this wonderful game «alive» with your creations. Thank you Alexei.

thank you good job , Just tell me what programs you use to make mod ? , I want to download it and help you , I will understand , I do not want to stand by idly .

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